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Information Technology 10
By Avi Luxenburg
A Course Built For You
Constant Change

Information Technology is such a dynamically evolving world that the IT10 course developed a few years ago is already out of date.

The Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for this course (written in 1996 and updated in 1999) have a few areas that are timeless (such as “apply ethical and legal principles when presenting information ” and “evaluate the suitability of information technology tools for solving problems related to specific tasks”), but also include other requirements that are a bit dated or “no longer enough”.

A Course Designed For You

In order to develop a course that changes with “the times”, we have completely individualized this course to match the goals and interests of the student.

Students can select topics such as Web design, animation, graphic design, audio mixing, or even learning a new program that is of interest to the student.

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You can view the Ministry of Education Learning outcomes here.