KEYS - Orientation to 21st Century & Personalized Learning

Proposal: (20% of the course mark) This proposal is a pivotal tool in developing your project.




Processing: (20%) You will be using several tools to research and to process your thinking.  




Research &/or Skill Acquisition: (20%)  The information and/or skills you acquire.




Project / Presentation: (30%)  Your demonstration of what you learned or attained.




Final Reflection: (10%)  Your reflection on the process and plans for further development.

All you need to do to enrol in this additional two-credit, Grade 11, Applied Skills course is to inform your teacher.  Then simply follow the instructions on this site and continue working with your ePortfolio.


The purpose of Applied KEYS is to use what you have learned in KEYS in developing a completely self-chosen, self-directed project in an area for which you have an interest.

Step 4 - Project
Step 1 - Proposal
Step 2 - Process
Step 3 - Research
Step 5 - Reflection