Tools - Step 4
Step 1 - Proposal
Step 2 - Process
Step 3 - Research
KEYS - Orientation to 21st Century & Personalized Learning
Step 5 - Reflection
Step 4 - Project
KEYS - Orientation to 21st Century & Personalized Learning



(30% of the course mark)


This is it.  Create your project.  



If you have had to make changes from your proposed project, then you should contact your teacher to discuss.



Make sure that you have a criteria to send to your teacher to negotiate success in this project.  Remember that there are several downloadable criteria on the Resource Rack which you can edit to your heart’s content.



Is your project something that you might embed in your ePortfolio?  Your teacher might be able to help here.  For instance: Did you decide to present your findings in Prezi?  Well, Prezi allows you to embed a project in a Web page... Easy, peasy.


If you can’t embed the project, you can upload it in the Moodle Course under the Applied KEYS header near the bottom.