Tools - Step 4
Step 1 - Proposal
Step 2 - Process
Step 3 - Research
KEYS - Orientation to 21st Century & Personalized Learning
Step 5 - Reflection
Step 4 - Project
KEYS - Orientation to 21st Century & Personalized Learning



(20% of the course mark)


This is where you follow your proposal in finding what you need to develop your project.  It is important to keep records of where you found information.



Open a new Google Doc to make notes regarding what you find out. Note, if you are engaged in an inquiry, that copy/paste of small portions of work is acceptable if it is a quotation and you provide citations.  (Citation machine is great for this... Choose APA.  Video tutorial, link to Citation Machine.)



Synthesize what you find.  Marry your thoughts and experience with the research findings - in other words, put it all together.  This is where you might want to use a processing tool, like CMAP or Mind42, to help you make connections.



Think about the format you are using in presenting your project and write your thoughts, experiences... with that in mind.



Share your Google Doc with your teachers.  There is a page created for you, called Inquiry Document, which you will find in the left navigation , under Applied KEYS.